Almost Free Advertising.

Keeping your business on the radar can get pretty expensive. More often than not it is trial and error and a lot of money wasted just trying to find out what method of advertising works best for your business. At Cashless Exchange, we can help you eliminate the hassle and the costs of ineffective advertising. With Almost Free Advertising, you can get the results you want at a price that you can most certainly afford.

How the system works.


Join the Almost Free Advertising Program


Deposit Gift Certificates into our Cashless Exchange in lieu of membership fees


Please select from our available advertising options


Please complete the required information simply based upon the advertising program you select.


A working example.

1. Join the Advertising Program

You must join our Almost Free Advertising program to get support.

2. Select Options

Search and select from our available advertising options

3. Discuss Advertising Design

Discuss your advertising designs in detail.

4. Public Advertising

After designing your advertising, make it public through our program.

5. Make Payment

Agree on a final cost for your advertising, deposit double the value of Gift Certificates into the exchange and settle the provider in cash or trade credits.

6. Redeem

All that is left is for you to set the deposit for advertising systems.

With Almost Free Advertising, you only pay for advertising that results in sales. Nothing else.